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  • Sonoma Lavender ~ Ocean Aire Spa Collection

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    Imagine a huge field of lavender in full bloom, bathed in the soft morning light of a glorious June day. Feel the gentle breeze carrying its delicate and alluring scent. Now place this field in the magnificent Sonoma Valley of northern California, and you’ve set the scene for harvest time at the Sonoma Lavender company, creators of premium quality lavender gifts.

    Family-owned and operated, Sonoma Lavender cultivates about five acres of lavender—that’s about 7,000 lavender plants. Proprietors Rebecca and Gary, along with their two children, plant, tend, harvest, and carefully dry the crop. Then local artisans take over, hand-crafting the company’s unique product line, ranging from wreaths and other decorative accessories, to pillows and sachets, to their “spa line” of products.

    Types of lavender ~ According to owner Rebecca, English lavender, Lavendula angustifolia, has a sweet, flowery aroma and is used in the company’s bath products and lotions. “Provence” and “Grosso” varieties of lavender, both widely grown in Provence, France, are less floral and more herb-like in fragrance, and lend an appealing but not-too-sweet scent to sachets and pillows.

    Lavender’s attributes ~ What makes lavender so special? First of all, lavender is considered the most important aroma in aromatherapy, an ancient art that is just now becoming popular in this country. Lavender is known for its “balancing” properties. If you are weary and have low energy, lavender is energizing; if you are feeling overstressed, lavender is calming and soothes frazzled nerves. Lavender revitalizes the body and tends the spirit, bringing you back to a state of balance.

    Ocean Aire ~ A refreshing scent of Ocean breezes.

    Warm in the dryer or microwave for a minute* for heat treatment or freeze for cold therapy.

    • Soothe sore muscles while providing pain relief.
    • Heat therapy opens blood vessels, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helping to heal damaged tissue.
    • Heat stretches the muscles, decreasing stiffness.
    *WARM, DON’T COOK! Microwave 30 seconds for small items, a minute or two for larger wraps. Item becomes warmer as it’s worn.

    HEATWRAP ~ 26" long, to relieve aches and pains wherever they occur. 26x8" 

    HEATED NECK ROLL: Heat for under the neck or small of the back for relaxation. 13x6"

    SPA MASK ~ Place over forehead and eyes for deep relaxation. 9" 

    FOOTIES ~ For sore, overused feet and hands, nothing soothes like heat and lavender. For the ultimate softening and moisturizing treatment, apply Lavender Hand Crèmeor Footbalm and pull on toasty mittens, footies or booties. One size fits most.