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  • Anywhere Fireplace ~ Empire


    Ever heard the saying, "the best things come in small packages"?  That definitely applies to this fabulous table top fireplace.  Anywhere Fireplace "Empire" model is the perfect answer to get the ambiance of fire, indoors or outdoors, ona table, ledge, step or on a column.  Just be sure it's a sturdy surface.  (Gel fuel sold separately on this site, see pricing below).  Click the youtube link below to enhance your curiosity.

    This contemporary and unique, stainless steel tabletop fireplace makes a cozy, but dramatic statement anywhere you choose to put it.  Your den, patio, deck, indoors or out.  It's light weight and easily movable with no permanent installation so you can move it from room to room, inside to outside and back again with ease.  The top is slightly recessed to make room for the polished stones (included) to add a decorative touch around the dancing flames but you can choose to use shells, sea glass or marbles (not included) or anything else that you may fancy.  A long handled stainless steel fire snuffer is included to extinguish the flame.  This fireplace uses ONLY 13 oz Gel Fuel Cans for Fireplaces.  These fuels are safe for indoor use and put off no harmful toxins into the air.  Made in the USA by a Mother/Son team.  It's transportable and can be taken on vacation, a mountain retreat or even to a campsite.  No assembly required.

    Shipping ~ FLAT FEE of $25 per unit.  Ships within the USA only.  

    We can DROP SHIP anywhere in the USA for an additional 10%.  Call the store for details before ordering if you would like this sent directly to someone.  860-788-3145

    Please allow 10 - 14 days for delivery.

    • High Quality Stainless Steel
    • Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • Use on table or ground
    • Light weight, easy to move
    • Measurements ~ 12" W  x 5" H  x 12" D
    Recommended Fuel:  ONLY USE Gel Fuel that comes in a canister, not liquid fuel like the other Anywhere Fireplaces. NEVER substitute another fuel.  *Sold separately on our site.   

    *Gel fuel        13 oz cans     $7.50 per can