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  • Anywhere Fireplace ~ Fuel (Liquid or Gel)


    Bio-Ethanol Liquid Or Gel Fuels for Ventless Fireplaces. Each fireplace has a specific fuel it must use. Never use any other kind of fuel as a substitute other than the fireplaces proper intended fuel.


    We have done the research for you and we have found the safest, and most economical fuel for your use in ethanol fireplaces. We recommend you use the brands we have available on our website for sale, however if you choose to purchase another brand, it MUST be made for ventless bio-ethanol fireplaces and you MUST be sure to read all instructions and warnings on any fuel you decide to use as well as the fireplace instructions and warnings. Make sure when purchase fuel you see the chart above to purchase the correct kinds of fuel.

    The appropriate fuel for each Anywhere Fireplace and Garden Torch model differs. Some use liquid fuel made specifically for ventless fireplaces, others use gel fuel cans and the torches usecitronella fuel. They cannot be interchanged and it is important to follow the chart below to know the correct type of fuel to use:

    Fireplace ModelCorrect Fuel For Use

    Broadway, Chelsea, Gramercy, Hudson, Lexington, Madison, Manhattan, Metropolitan, SoHo, Tribeca IILIQUID BIO-ETHANOL FUEL made speciically for ventless fireplaces

    Empire, Oasis, SuttonGEL FUEL 13oz cans
    For the Empire and Oasis indoor/outdoor fireplaces, only gel fuel cans maybe used. These Gel Fuel will only work for the Anywhere Fireplace Empire and Oasis models. All other Anywhere Fireplace models need to use Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel. The Gel Fuel burns into vapor water, free of smoke, fumes, sparks and flying embers. The real flame will create approximately a 7″ flame with all the crackling sounds of real wood burning in just minutes of lighting while giving off a good amount of heat. Each canister will last approx 2-2.5 hours. Before purchasing, be sure to read your fireplace instructions for safety and usage. Please note: This fuel cannot be shipped by air and only within the 48 contiguous states. The Anywhere Garden Torches use citronella oil and will keep you bug free. Citronella oil is readily available in major retailers or your local hardware store.


    SMARTFUEL™ features flame arrestor in the neck of the bottle to provide additional safety against possible flash-fire when transferring fuel from the bottle into the fireplace reservoir.

    SMARTFUEL™ is ‘Planet-Friendly and suitable for use indoors or outdoors, as no harmful fumes are generated when burning – only small amounts of CO2 and Water Vapor… no soot, no smoke, no smell, and no residue. The only recycled ethanol fuel available, making it the world’s ‘Greenest Choice Ethanol™

    SMARTFUEL™ contains BITR™, a bitterant to prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals.

    SMARTFUEL™ is Laboratory Tested and Certified for both it’sSAFETY POUR™ technology, and it’s clean, toxic free exhaust for indoor burning… providing consumer ‘peace of mind’. Laboratory Certification & MSDS are available online.

    SMARTFUEL™ is Made in the USA.


    • Never pour fuel into a lit fire or into a burner that is near a source of ignition.
    • Never pour fuel onto hot surfaces. Allow burners to cool at least
      15-20 minutes (cool to the touch) before refilling.
    • Store SMARTFUEL™ in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or heat source.
    • Never let children handle fuel or operate fireplace or burner.
    • Always read & follow manufacturers operating and safety instructions prior to use in addition to all instructions and warnings that accompanied your fireplace.
    • We do our best to ensure your safety by delivering our fuel in the safest possible package while providing as much safety information as possible; on the label and on our website. But in the end, it is You, the User, that must use this dangerous fuel in a safe and responsible manner. Be very cautious and use common sense.
    • Failure to follow safety instructions may lead to serious injury or death.

    While the flame provided by burning the fuel is highly decorative and beautiful, it also is efficient in providing heat however it cannot be recommended or considered as a main heat source.

    • Due to the ventless nature of the fireplaces themselves; no heat is lost up the flu or vent. Depending upon the size of the fireplace, the fire can provide up to 8,500 BTU/hour of heating energy. This is enough energy to heat approximately 375 sq ft of living space.
    • One quart of fuel will burn up to 5 hours dependent upon the fireplace size and adjustment of the opening of the lid over the flame
    • Each bottle will produce 21,000 BTU, so depending on how you adjust the damper on your burner you can adjust burn time and heat output.

    WARNING Download the Safety Warning Document

    Download SMARTFUEL™ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

    • Ethanol Fuel and fireplace should ONLY be handled BY ADULTS.Keep children at a safe distance and never let them operate the fireplace and fuel.
    • DO NOT allow children or pets near fireplace when burning.
    • To insure safe use, you must carefully read and adhere to ALL of the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions should be kept for reference for as long as you own the fireplace and should be provided to anyone planning to use this ethanol fireplace.
    • NEVER overfill your fuel reservoir. NEVER fill fuel reservoir more than ¾ full.
    • NEVER REFILL THE FUEL RESERVOIR WHILE THE FLAME IS BURNING OR UNIT IS HOT. Be sure fuel reservoir has cooled down for 15 minutes before attempting to add more fuel.
    • After filling your fireplace, be sure to replace bottle top and remove bottle from area of the fireplace before lighting the fireplace. D0 NOT touch while burning or immediately after burning.
    • CLEAN UP ANY FUEL THAT MAY HAVE SPILLED and make sure any surface moisture from spillage is gone or has evaporated before lighting.
    • Only use an extended lighter or long match to ignite. Never attempt to ignite with any other device.
    • Never store Ethanol Fuel in direct sunlight, or allow fuel to become heated. Always keep it in a dry cool area and store fuel a safe distance from fireplace, away from children. Keep fuel container closed.
    • When first lit, the flame may be nearly invisible. The same happens just before fuel runs out. At all times, be certain that fire is out before refueling. To be safe, always double check that no flame is present before refilling by closing lid or placing snuffer lid on top of fuel reservoir for at least one minute.
    • Never attempt to move the fireplace while it is lit (burning) or is still hot.
    • Never place any objects in the fireplace or near the flame (flammable or non-flammable).
    • Use only ethanol fuel made specifically for fireplaces. See for recommended fuels. Burning common alcohol found in drug stores and home improvement stores is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Their emissions are toxic and not safe to inhale indoors or even outdoors.
    • ALWAYS READ FUEL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided by fuel manufacturer.

    First Aid Measures

    • EyesImmediately flush affected area with plenty of cool water. Flush eyes for at least 15 minutes. Seek immediate medical attention.
    • SkinRinse exposed area well with water and wash with soap. If irritation persists, consult a physician or dermatologist.
    • IngestionIf victim is conscious and able to swallow, have victim drink water or milk to dilute. Never give anything by mouth if victim is unconscious or convulsing. Do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or poison control center immediately.
    • Inhalation: Immediately move victim into fresh air. In case of breathing difficulties, administer artificial respiration. If there is no immediate improvement, seek medical assistance.