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  • Denise Joy ~ Psychic/Medium ~ Gallery Reading ~ Sept 20th


    Thursday, September 13th ~ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  Our FINAL Gallery Reading

    Location change - Faith & Angels Healing, 314C New Britian Road, Berlin

    Plenty of parking in front of Faith & Angels

    Denise Joy ~ Psychic/Lightarian ~ Denise Joy is an amazingly blessed woman.   She calls upon her unseen colleagues to bring forth what needs to be heard, often with humor and joy.  You may laugh or you may cry but it will be an incredible experience.   A Gallery Reading can move in many directions and dimensions.  You may wish to seek out a loved one that has passed or ask questions about current events, loved ones, your love life, travel, career or financial matters.  It is an experience unlike many have had. The connections that I've seen Denise make with members of the readings often times leave me speechless.

    Denise is a personal friend and consult to me and has guided me in my personal and business adventures (all with very positive outcomes).  This is limited to 20 guests and you must sign up, either in the store or online to confirm your spot. BYOB, snacks or appetizers.   Private readings can be scheduled (See below for info)

    What is a Gallery Reading?   A group of interested individuals that can ask random questions in a group setting.  Often times you may not relate to the response until days or even weeks later.  This is a prelude to determine whether or not you wish to proceed to a private reading.  You will never be embarrassed or "scared" by something that may be revealed.  Denise is very in tune to everyone's feelings and if something comes up that should be "taken private", she will always say "I will discuss this with you after the Gallery Reading".  

    Please feel free to check out Denise's website to view the testimonials, which speak volumes.  You won't want to miss her.  We will also be offering privately scheduled one on one readings on Wednesdays at Victorian Inspirations.  $65 for a one half hour reading and $125 for an hour reading.  All done in a serene and comfortable atmosphere.  Call the store for details or appointment, 860.788.3145.

    Denise will schedule private readings at the store (upstairs) on Wednesdays.  $125 Hour reading, $65 1/2 hour reading.  Call the store for details.

    *You will be charged $34.99 plus .01 for "shipping" just so the system will work properly for the event set up.