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  • Jasmine Fused Art Glass ~ Sculpted Treasure Collection


    Welcome to the world of Jasmine Art Glass, where luminous colors create freely flowing energy in the medium of fused art glass. A single piece has the power to change the feel and energy of an entire room, so select the size, shape and colors to reflect your personal style. Or soften a room that is too formal, lighten an office that is too rigid or find a design that integrates your home and space. Artful selection and placement of your Jasmine Art Glass piece will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and delight the guild of artists that create each piece.  Each medium has several pieces of fused glass and measure 6" x 6".  Stand included.  No 2 are ever identical.

    JA71300A ~ Yellow, gold, red, mint, burgundy

    JA71300B ~ Blue, rust, grey, black, clear, gold

    JA71300C ~ Red, blue, yellow, white

    Other pieces in the Jasmine Fused Art Glass family are available, including serving platters.