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  • Jasmine Fused Art Glass ~ The Glass Pad


    Welcome to the world of Jasmine Art Glass, where luminous colors create freely flowing energy in the medium of fused art glass. A single piece has the power to change the feel and energy of an entire room, so select the size, shape and colors to reflect your personal style. Or soften a room that is too formal, lighten an office that is too rigid or find a design that integrates your home and space. Artful selection and placement of your Jasmine Art Glass piece will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and delight the guild of artists that create each piece.  This larger medium has several pieces of fused glass and measures 15 1/2" x 4 1/2, with the included stand measuring 18" in length.   No 2 are ever identical.  The closeups are to show the fine colored detail in each "fused" piece attached to the Pad.

    Other pieces in the Jasmine Fused Art Glass family are available, including serving platters.