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  • Kitras "Blossom Balls" ~ 2" Glass Balls


    Kitras Art Glass "Blossom Balls" make the perfect gift!

    They are hand-blown in Ontario, Canada using primarily recycled glass by ery talented glassblowers.

    2" Glass Blossom Balls ~ Flowers are used to celebrate life's special moments. Flowers are given to commemorate friendship, appreciation, romance, loss and sometimes "just because".  Celebrate these moments with a flower that never stops blooming.

    These look beautiful hanging in any sun filled window or in the garden.   This is the perfect gift for a friend, family member or loved one.  Once you have one, you'll want to start collecting these beautiful pieces.  Individual display sold separately ($10.00)

    Good Luck ~ May luck be as plentiful to you as there are flowers in this world. Good Luck!

    Memories ~ This blossom will flower forever, may it remind you of all the memories that have been shared.

    Sympathy ~ The beauty of blossoms can comfort us and lift our spirits. May these flowers convey my deepest sympathy.

    Thanks ~ Like the number of flowers in the world, my appreciation is endless. Thank you for everything that you do.

    Thinking of You ~ Blossoms are to be shared, just like my thoughts for you. Thinking of you!