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  • Ogon Designs ~ Stockholm V2 Colored Card Holder ~ Waterproof


    A metallic wallet born in Sweden ~ Water resistant, lifetime warranty metal lock, single hand opening, inside visible in a glance, compact, light.

    Credit card size.  Holds 10 cards.  Made with genuine carbon fiber for a high-tech and premium style.

    Scandinavia is known for design. Therefore, it's fitting the Ögon company has its roots in Sweden.  At the beginning of year 2000, Thomas MARCEL, the creator of the brand, noticed the most stylish Swedes are using metal cigarette cases to carry their identity cards, credit cards and bank notes. How clever!

    The idea of a hard wallet grew in the mind of the young creator of Ögon. He developed the concept with a research agency in Stockholm over the course of 2 years, while also gaining inspiration from metallic suitcases. After perfecting the design, the first model was born.

    Available only in the Carbon (charcoal) color.

    Fraud proof wallets ~ Every Ögon product, due to their aluminium cover, acts like small Faraday cagesThey stop magnetic waves and protect the cards against demagnetization.

    Even better, all models are certified "RFID Safebecause by blocking the waves they prevent from scanning credit card thieves.  By developing this security system more than 10 years ago, Ögon is the precursor of this technology.  All Ögon models protect your credit cards against hackers.

    Like many trend setters, the Ögon products have been  widely copied despite many patents and model protections.  Some say that's the price of fame.

    But the first victims of this plague are the consumers.  Indeed, those imitations coming from China are produced without any sanitary or environmental control and are often dangerous for health.

    Ögon was chosen by the Counterfeiting Museum in Parito be the symbol of this new phenomena : all good products are copied and not only the luxury brands.

    Ships within 3 - 5 business days.  IF out of stock, ships within 10 days.