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  • Sea Lily Geode Stone Collection ~ Bronze Piano Wire


    Geode Stone Collection Bronze Piano Wire

    As shown above 10 layers of Bronze Piano Wire with Brown, Grey & Iridescent Geode stones.   Blue & Iridescent earrings shown.

    Manufactured Piano Wire blended with a silk interweave for an elegant look & feel.

    A variety of 18 stunning designs.  10 layers of piano wire (White, Silver, Slate, Bronze and Black accented with mini geode* stones in vivid and rich colors ~ Grey, Brown, Apricot, , Blue, Silver & Iridescent all with the signature Sea Lily magnetic clasp.  These can be added to any of the Twisted bracelets or Large Knot Necklaces to add a small amount or a large amount of length to your necklace.   Many of the Geode Stone necklaces have matching earrings.  (Sold separately)

    *Geodes are irresistible. They fill display cases and museums everywhere. It’s hard to deny the allure of a rock that is rugged and weathered on the outside, yet so sparkly and colorful on the inside.


    But where do geodes actually come from?  It turns out that what looks like a solid entity on the outside begins with an absence of material.  A geode typically begins when a cavity forms in a rock, which can happen several ways.

    Cavities are most common in igneous rock created by cooling lava or magma. Usually this happens when a bubble of carbon dioxide and water vapor forms in flows of lava, “much like bubbles in carbonated beverages.”  As the molten rock cools and the gas dissolves, empty space is left behind.


    Geodes can also form in sedimentary rocks such as limestone or sandstone. The cavity in these rocks is usually formed from a solid core. A mass of minerals, or nodule, in the sediment may begin to dissolve and leave space behind. In other cases, organic matter such as coral, a fossil, or a piece of wood buried in the sediment weathers out over time.

    Iridescents ~ Displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.

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