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  • Sea Lily Piano Wire Agate & Jasper Bracelets

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    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.

    The intricate Sea Lily designers produce unique "handmade" jewelry. The piano wire necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made from fine piano wire. Each necklace and bracelet has a heavy duty magnetic closer. 

    Choose from the Bronze Spring Ring with Agates or the Black Spring Ring with Jasper stone. Just make your choice from the drop down menu. Browse the other Sea Lily collections.  Length ~ 19" from end to end.  NECKLACES are SOLD OUT

    Agate stones ~ The Agates most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing & calming. Historically it was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel illness.  The metaphysical and healing properties lore of any specific type of agate depend to some extent on the color of the agate but all agates are stones of "strength".  The agate was used by ancients on the breastplaces of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle.

    Jasper stones ~ Blackstone jasper is a stone with a hight protective energy.  It also has very healing energy.  It is said to bring good luck to bearer in a fight, whether it be a mental, political, legal, health or another type of fight.  It is also used for protection against lightning.  Jasper is said to have energies of determining value.  It was used as a touchstone for determining gold content for thousands of years.  It is also for relieving pain. 

    Your friends will not believe they're made from piano wire.

    Sea Lily designs are sold in fine boutiques across the country as well as in the Smithsonian Art & Gift shop.

    Please allow 7 - 10 days for shipping.