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Sharon Nowlan Collection ~ Birds of a Feather

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Sharon Nowlan grew up drawing, painting, and creating in a broad range of media inspired by the natural beauty of Nova Scotia. But it wasn’t until she became a mother that the expansive seascape and landscape were brought into a tighter focus.

"Birds of a Feather" ~ Flock together!  Great for a co-worker, a retirement gift  or aloving family or friend.  Measurements: 8"w x 10"h 

Each piece is made up with one or more of the following materials ~ Wood, paper, glass, Pebbles, PVC and comes in a white gift box designed for shipping.   Custom matting in a beautiful wood frame.  The backer style can be used as Easel art or hung on a Wall (keyhole hook attached to each piece).  Free shipping 

It started with a trip to the beach with her three-year-old son. After gathering a pocket full of small, sea-washed pebbles, she artfully arranged the pebbles to create a small tableau depicting a grandmother and child. The notion that a clutch of small, cold stones could convey such warm emotions struck a chord within Sharon.

Over the years, Sharon’s designs have evolved to include other natural objects including shells, twigs, driftwood and bits of sea glass…but it all began with a handful of pebbles.

DEMDACO is delighted to partner with Sharon to create these fine artisan reproductions.  Each piece is meticulously and ethically handmade by skilled artisans.  Sharon's collection captures life's small moments of family and friends.