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  • Silver Spoon Ring Collection


    Jennifer Northup, founder of Silver Spoon Jewelry, has had a lifelong fascination with antiques and vintage jewelry. Following the inheritance of her great grandmother’s silverware collection, Jennifer and her husband, Daniel, were inspired to design a line of jewelry and accessories based on vintage silverware patterns from the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Each and every design was designed and crafted from intricate parts of vintage silverware patterns from the era.  Read below to learn more about how your special design was created.  Each piece is silver plated and all rings are adjustable.

    Andrea ~ A small simple wreath of flowers adorn this piece, perfect to be worn by itself or stacked with other pieces.

    Ada This dainty adjustable spoon ring is made from the handle of a demitasse spoon.

    Charlotte ~ This ring features a romantic floral pattern inspired by the handle of a Victorian-era silver spoon.

    Claire This ring was inspired by a by an elegant silverware pattern from the late 1800s and matches one of our bestselling watches.

    Doris Inspired from teaspoons from the 1800s, this ring reminds of afternoon walks through a flower garden.

    Elaine This lovely adjustable ring was inspired by the pattern of an antique demitasse spoon handle from the 1800s.

    Empire This ring was inspired by an antique silverware pattern from the early 1900s.

    Lara Delicate and ornate, this tiny ring is sophistication wrapped around your finger; perfect for tea parties and paired cocktail dresses.

    Lila This beautiful vintage silverware pattern features delicate daffodils.

    Lois  Inspired from a tea spoon from the late 1800s, this ring is a great statement piece.

    Patricia The exquisite detail in this ring was recreated using antique silverware patterns from the late 1800s.

    Plumeria This unique ring features plumeria flowers in three sizes.

    Rosemary Accented by intricately detailed roses, this feminine spoon ring blends vintage elegance with modern fashion.

    Sarah This petite ring was designed using antique spoon handles from the late 1800s.

    Tulip The tulips on this trendy ring were inspired by an antique silverware pattern.

    *Rose ($50) This ring is one of the most intricate pieces we make and features nearly twenty spoon handles soldered together to create the flower.

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