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  • The Giving Shawl ~ Give the Gift of a "Hug" year round


    So much more than just a pretty shawl, the Giving Shawl is a giftable hug. This personal piece of apparel is specially designed as a meaningful gift for family, friends and those who are walking through challenging times and need to be reminded they are loved. The Giving Shawl is made of sumptuously soft fabric designed for soothing comfort—like a loving hug. And tucked inside a petite pocket, the recipient will find a keepsake bookmark printed with a message of encouragement.  Available in Taupe, Cream, Pink & now available in Sage.

    • Gift Box
    • Materials: Nylon
    • Measurements: 27"w x 70"long

    We all need a little comfort now and then.....A reminder to help us know that we are not alone in the world.  That there is someone in our corner, ready with a hug, no matter what.

    Always know you are being thought of, cheered on and loved for exactly who you are.  someone who is beautiful and wonderfully made.  The Giving Shawl is an excellent way to "GIVE A HUG" even when you may be miles away or just enjoy the soft, comfy feel all to yourself.

    Available in Taupe, Cream, Pink and now available in Sage.