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  • XY FIND IT ~ Never Lose Anything Again

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    XY3 keeps track of your things

    Locate your things

    Attach the XY3 finder to your important items and locate them with a loud audible beep when requested from a phone with the XY Find It app installed. Use the XY Find It app or web site to see the last know location on a map. Use the KeepNear™ feature, to get alerts when something has gone out of range of your smart phone.

    Find your phone

    When you misplace your smart phone, you can push the button on any of your XY3 finders within range and your phone will ring. Log into your account on to see the last known location of your phone on a map.

    Replaceable batteries

    Use your XY finders for years to come. Why buy an entire new finder within a year when you can just replace the battery at a much lower cost? XY Findables offers a 2 year warranty where others can only offer a warranty for the approximate lifetime of the battery.